Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Has he lost his mind?"

I'm putting some photos that are kind-of late. The first is of the cow pond the girls like to play in and around.

Last night at supper, in the middle of all the noise that a family of 10 can generate, one little voice chimed up. Johnny started singing a song.

"I am Iron Man, ba-da, ba-da, ba-da, Iron Man"

We all burst out laughing. Some of the kids burst out into Bob Rivers' parody of the song; "I am Santa Clause."

John is a three and a half year old motor-head. He sleeps with his cars and trucks, and now, aparently, he likes Heavy Metal.
He's a lot like my brother was at that age. We'll see if he still likes both kinds of Metal later on in life. I just wish that my sockets and wrenches weren't scattered all over. But, he inherited that from me. My poor father. My brother, Jeremy, and I always made a mess of his workshop.

Second photo, swans. I'll try to get some better pics of the birds, but they are pretty skiddish.

Here's a rather poor photo of two Sandhill Cranes on the left with a Canada Goose on the right. This was when Louisa offered to take my camera up close to the birds.

Yesterday (Sat) after church we started to get some thunderstormy weather. I came out of the house and my hair stood up with static. I saw the girls, half-a-mile away by the cow pond. I could hear them plainly. There was a soft breeze blowing from their direction. But they couldn't hear me when I whistled, called, or honked the car horn. So I ran out to get them inside in case of lightning. Frogs were singing like crazy, Cranes were hooting, Geese honking, and girls laughing and shouting at each other.

Little girls are better conductors than dry grass.

When I was about 2/3 of the way out they saw me. But they still couldn't hear me for the noise of the frogs, etc.. Finally they realized I wanted them to come back quickly. They gathered their stuff up and Louisa helped the smaller two. Elsie just ran. She didn't see the Sandhill crane until it rased up its wings in fighting position.

I have to say, Elsie is smart, and a quick runner. She turned as quick as a jackrabbit and was off like lightning. Well, not lightning. That's what we were trying to avoid.

They all got up to the house and it started raining.

Today I stopped after church at one of the Wild-rice paddys. The paddy is full of waterfowel. They tend to take off when I stop to get a picture. Camera shy. But here's a few ducks and a couple of swans.

Should I be worried that Johnny knows a song by a group named "Black Sabbath?" Nah.

Hilda is still in the hospital, but they seem to have gotten the Pneumonia under control. It took a pretty big toll on her. Please keep her in your prayers.

Muriel is still in the hospital, but is doing better now after surgery. Please also keep her in your prayers.