Monday, April 16, 2007

First day of spring weather!

Sophie and Elsie wanted to pose by a candle. It turned out to be an OK photo.

St. Petri had a dinner today so they also had late service. Early service was at Nazareth.

Mary and the kids came up for the dinner, as did a couple of other families. A very nice time at St. Petri.

I think I've probably mentioned this before, but Mt. Olive and St. Petri do not have running water. I'll maybe try to explain what an outhouse is to cityfolk some time, and the kind of fun kids somtimes choose to have with them, esp. on Halloween.

There was plenty of fun outside on this day. After we got home, everyone was outside (except Jeremy, of course, he had to get his computer time.

I cleaned out a flower pot and made the soil ready for planting. Stella decided to powder her face with the soil, and the deck, and the steps, and the landing.

That's what brooms are for, I guess.

Sunday eve we had a Youthgroup meeting at Oak Park. When the secretary sends me the minutes I'll put them on the Youthgroup website.

In the evening I had to finish preparations for my presentation at Winkel tomorrow.