Monday, April 30, 2007

Circuit Driver

Well, Laura R. is in the hospital at GF. So I went there this morning. She's recovering from surgery very well. She was born in December 1925. And she is about as patient and gentle a person as I have found.

After visiting Laura, I went to Crookston. I stopped at the grocery store, the court house (to check on a particular case that involves family who are members), and then the Hospital/Nursing Home to see Lyle and Muriel.

They were doing pretty well. Muriel thinks this might, possibly, be her last day on pain meds. She still has to complete therapy and training in how to handle Lyle's physical needs before they can both go home.

Pr. Preus happened to be at the Nursing home visiting some of his members when I stopped there. It was good to see him. I hope our families can get together sometime soon. Mayville seems so far away (actually, it is far away). But, I suppose, we are just as far away from them now.

I got home in the early afternoon. About 175 miles. I spent a bit of time working on sermon prep. The VBS material came today, so I went through that.

I also spent some time working on a translation of the Kirkelige Maanedstidende for 1859 (the old Norwegian Synod's version of the Sentinel). The article was "Uddrag af Forhandlingerne ved den fri evangelisk=lutherske Conferents i Fort=Wayne, Indiana fra 14de til 20de Juli 1859. (Oversat og indsendt af Jacob Aall [sit] Ottesen). Om den 14de Artikel af Augsb. Confession." It looks very interesting.

By the way: Ligers are real.