Monday, April 23, 2007

Bagley, Crookston, Hospitals and Court

Last night Lonny called saying that his mom, Betty was going to the emergency room. Maggie's mom is also in delicate condition down in Arizona, so she's away with her mom. (Lonny and Maggie are married, for those who don't know).

Early this morning I went to the hosp in Bagley to see Betty. She has a great attitude, but she was very weak and congested again. Physical Therapy is working with her to see what limits she faces with her congestive heart failure. She may have to spend time convalescing in the nursing home. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

I made a brief stop at the Staffords to ask Pr. Stafford if he could look in on her this week. While I was there I found out that Pr. Stafford may have some injury to his knee from the car accident he was in during lent. It may be nothing, it may be serious. Please keep him in your prayers.

Then off to Crookston to see Muriel and Lyle. Shirley was there, and Muriel had just been discharged from the hospital to the nursing home. She's in the room next to Lyle. And being the good pastor I think I am, when I got to the hospital I realized that I had neglected to fill up my kit for shut-in communion. Sometimes there is a great big "L" on my forehead.

Muriel is on a good pain med, they had to take a graft from her hip to fuse her vertebrae. So she will have quite a burning pain for a few days. I left as they were finishing up their noon meal.

Then, off to the courthouse in Crookston. I have a member who's daughter-in-law is involved with a case that is fairly serious in nature and which will impact their family greatly. Unfortunately, the daughter-in-law has not been wise in this case. Though you don't know their names, please keep them in your prayers. It was a long, stifling day in court.

I got home at supper time, had a few pastoral telephone calls.