Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wednesday Crookston and School

Today I went to the Southwest for shut-in visits. I was able to get to Crookston and Erskine. Alverra seemed a bit tired. She has alzheimers. When I talked about some of her relatives she seemed to perk up. She also perked up for the Gospel of Matthew's account of the birth of Christ and "Away in a Manger."

On my way to Crookston the sun-dogs were out. I got this photo of one above Clearwater Church. There were moon-dogs in the evening but the photo doesn't look good this small.

In Erskine I stopped to visit Gerhard. He was helping out another nursinghome resident. We had devotion on Psalm 2. He gave me some good advice. Gerhard was a pastor in our Synod for many years before retirement. He knows about pastoral issues, soul care, and the way they affect the pastor and his family. I'm glad to be able to serve him.

Wed School went nicely. Trisha, Noah, Jake, Alison and Louisa put together a nice Christmas themed bulletin board. They told me I should put it on the blog. They took the red construction paper and cut a bunch of slits, then cut strips of green and wove them together. They're working on an appropriate boarder to put on it on Sunday.

It was tree decorating this evening as well. I'll get a photo of that later. The pastor was the only one who didn't have enough sense to not stand on the top of the ladder. So he put some ornaments high up where the ladies directed.