Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tragic Friday and Saturday.


Friday morning Renae M. called me to tell me that Ryan B's house burned down. The family is ok. They were all at work or school. But the house is a total loss. The neighbors saved the garage. Renae asked me to go tell Clara.

I went to Clara's and made sure she was sitting. She took the news very well and was glad that no one was injured. "The house can be replaced. Ryan's family is safe, that's what matters." She said. Clara has such a cool head when it comes to hard news. We just buried her nephew, Willlie, last Saturday.

Please keep Ryan and his family in your prayers.

With all this in the morning, concentrating on a sermon was difficult so I went to do grocery shopping and make a visit in TR. Sophie and Clara came with.

I also picked up some guitar strings at Kezar Music. I've acquired some good music for classical guitar through Joe Kezar. He has always given me good deals. And today was no exception. 30 percent off my two packs of classical guitar strings. Thanks, Joe.

And we dropped off a donation at Northern Lights Bookstore. Rita and Sarah were minding the store today. Man have they been improving the place. This is as you come in the store. To the right are 4 internet stations. They're working the place into an internet coffee house/bookstore.

Here's a shot from the back of the store to the front. You can see the internet stations up at the front on the left. They've added couches and a reading table.

In the rear of the main room they cleared out the office and dedicated it and the shelves just outside to children's books. They've put a small table in the room with color crayons for kids to use and coloring books for free.

But they've also expanded the space into the next rooms in the building.

The back room is a comfortable sitting space with a nice table, and pleasantly arranged displays of literature.

Before Judy, Rita, and Sarah knew my name I was the Thursday guy. I would come in 2 Thursdays each month, the days I would do TRF shut-ins. Rita keeps an eye out for old norwegian church documents for me.

The back room has a nice sofa and easy-chair. The place is well-lit.

They still have the basement, and that is going through improvements as well.
If you have a phonograph, Northern Lights Bookstore has an immense collection of LPs downstairs of almost any kind of music. They also have an immense commic book collection if you're into that.

Anyway, we stopped by Adeline's place. She was home from the hospital. But her house was dark. My guess is that she was sleeping. So we didn't disturb her. We'll see her wednesday.

Saturday: Church at Mt. Olive, Saturday school (3), Confirmation (4) program practice. Then off to Fosston to visit Esther. She was doing better with memory this month. Though not great. While we were visiting Anna V. came in. She works at the Nursing home and is Esther's granddaughter. She also used to babysit for us.

Anna told me that their neighbor's Keith and Darlene P. had a house fire last night (Friday night). Keith, Darlene, and their 5 year old daughter, Bree, were killed in the fire. Their other two children were not at home at the time and are safe.

When Anna's family saw the flames they called emergency services and ran over to try to help. They did manage to break in, but were prevented from going in. The flames were too intense and the smoke too thick.

After a late night filled with tragedy, Anna's dad an mom were to be Santa and Mrs. Claus for Oklee's Santa day.

Please keep Keith and Darlene's two surviving children in your prayers. They're both teenagers and are staying with relatives.

I got home, ate a quick lunch (that's Noon Meal to you midwesterners-sometimes I slip into my wife's west-coast dialect), then off to another confirmation class.

After class I did some sermon prep. Had supper, and worked on my bow for a half and hour.