Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday Monday

Church St. Petri, Nazareth, Oak Park. Holly and Laura played during the offering at OP. They play piano so wonderfully. I had a few personal visits after church at OP.

One of these two days Mary made shepherd pie. YUM. Sophie calls it "leopard pie." I spent some time working on sermon prep for next weekend.

Dean H is working to coordinate some help for Ryan B's family. They've been able to move into an open house just a couple of miles away from their home (which burned down friday). Local businesses have helped quite a bit. Wal-Mart and others are donating clothing. Ryan's boss got him furniture.

I haven't found out yet what kind of assistance Keith and Darlene's surviving children need. I let you know when I find out.

We got the Christmas tree up at home. Louisa finished her second machine sewn skirt. This one matches hers and was made for Elsie. Great job, Louisa!

For evening devotion we've been working on the Christmas program with the kids. We gather in the living room and sing the hymns. When it comes to their recitation parts we send them running down the hall to the end so they can talk loud and clearly enough for us to hear and understand them.

Pr. Schmid, whom many of my parishoners have met, is selling Maltese puppies to Chicagoans for Christmas. This was one of the photos in his advertisement. I though it should be titled: "Redneck Kleenex." What do you do with the wet spot on your nose when they're done? What do you think they have fur for?

Monday: This is very often my day off during the week. Today I was able to take the whole day. That means I was able to work on some Christmas presents, do some cleaning in the house, and trim my bow stave a bit more. As the wood gets dryer and dryer it becomes harder and harder to trim. I'm going to try shaping the next one all in green, then do the final trimming after it cures a bit.