Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stupid deer

Thursday started pretty early. 2:00am or so Stella was crying. Somehow the furnace was adjusted too low. I can think of 3 possible reasons, but it would be impolite to name them. Anyway, I cranked the furnace back up to the mid 60s. We were sitting at 58 or so. I warmed and comforted Stella. Put her back in bed.

And she cried again.

She finally settled down around 4:30 or so.

Now, some fathers would ask, "Hey, why didn't your wife take care of it."

I answer, "Because she needed sleep. And I'm willing to do this. Besides, I love snuggling Stella."

So, I also had insomnia and as long as I was up after the first wake, I might as well be the one to take care. At least then one of us could be well rested.

I did fall asleep in the recliner. I'm not sure when. I remember NPR's morning show starting, but that was before Stella went to bed. I fixed myself breakfast after she went to bed and ate it before I fell asleep in the recliner.

After Mary and the kids got up I woke up enough to go to bed and catch a couple of hours sleep.

Then it was off to TR for shut-in calls.

Ruby and Evelyn were doing well. Verner was mostly non responsive, though he seemed to acknowledge me when I said, "Verner, hvordan stor de til?" It looked like he tried to say, "Bare bra." Check this Norskie phrase book or this one. Gertrude was quiet. Last night for caroling she started singing along a bit. Today she was tired. Marlow was doing well. She had a bout with the flu last month but is over it now.

Dinner at Johnnies cafe, they have Gluten Free chili. Bruce and Denise will clean the grill special (that's Northern Minnesotan for "especially") for me if I ask them to as well. They have a couple of Celiacs that come in to eat there. One guy even knows when they put in the new french fry oil so he can get GF fries.

[By the way, if there is any good grammar in this post it is because Mary, my beloved, is standing over my shoulder offering suggestions every few keystrokes or so.]

[she just walked away]

[notice, no capitals in that last sentence not even punctuation what would i do without her]

I got home early afternoon, read some, and got ready for this evening.

After it got dark all that misty rain froze on the roads and walkways. I didn't know this 'til (I put that apostrophe there because Mary is back behind my shoulder now) I stepped out the door to go up to St. Petri for Christmas program practice.

It took a while to get there.

It took a long while.

Did I mention how long it took to get there?

5:25-6:20 transit time. Usually its about 30 minutes.

Practice went nicely. Three kids memorizing the whole schlameal (that's for Mike Jindra, if he ever reads this, for the rest, "the whole works"). Then to the outhouse and off to home.

I saw a wolf at the 9 mile corner. (family in Warshington-don't worry about geography) He was HUGE and looked mean. Well, actually, he ran across the road in front of me and off into the ditch.

4 miles further south I saw a deer on the left side of the road.

Now, mind you, I was driving between 40 and 45 because of the patchy ice. It was already dark, we had a strong wind and there was blowing snow.

7 seconds later (that's 1 and 1/2 electric poles) the deer decided to make a break for my side of the road.

She hit her head on my left rear-view mirror and knocked it off.

I turned around, shooed the deer off the road. She was a bit dazed and confused, had a bloody nose, but she got up ok and after wobbling a bit, ran off. (that's a run-on sentence for Mary, who is still standing over my shoulder.)

I picked up my mirror. Rats, the glass is cracked.

Well, no other harm done to the vehicle. It was still a long way home on the ice yet.

Jeremy still had to finish some math after I got home. He's done now. I'm done now. I'm hungry again. I think I'll get something that chipotle sauce goes well on.

Good night.

[p.s., Mary got me the chipotle sauce today. She is a very considerate and wonderful woman. And those are only three of her great attributes--Yes, she's still reading this as I type.

Good night]