Sunday, December 03, 2006

OPLA=Oak Park Ladies' Aid and other stuff

After the three services today Oak Park Ladies' Aid had their Christmas party and annual meeting. They have Christmas cookies, a devotion, a meeting to elect officers, decide how to give money, sing some Christmas hymns, exchange gifts, and eat some more.

I bowed out of most of the party for several reasons: chief of which is that I wanted Mary to be able to go instead of having to take care of the babies. Another reason was that I kew I'd need to spend another 5 hours yet today on visits, travel, and other church related work.

I did go over for about 20 minutes. They called me at the time of the gift exchange. This Christmas they gave me a shirt and a tie-both very nice. Thank you. I took a few photos of the gathering that I'll have to put into this post later on.

Adeline H is in the hospital. She missed Willie's funeral because of it. I knew she was feeling ill, but because of the press of people at the funeral I didn't know whether or not she was there. Well, she has diverticulitis and isn't sure when she'll be able to get out of the hospital. I visited her this evening for quite a while. She's in good spirits and moves around quite a bit. She's a little bit bored of having to be either at home sick or in the hospital now. Adeline is about 80. Her husband was twin brother to Willie's wife. Willie's wife died in 2000. Adeline's husband died in 1995.

So, what does a fairly active octogenerian do in Thief River Falls? She works at the library. Except for this illness she has kept herself very busy. Keep her in your prayers. May God grant that she can be back at it soon.