Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday and Tuesday

Monday I spent working around the house and taking a day off.
I did put the photos from the OPLA Christmas party on the website. The Oak Park Ladies', if you're interested, can find themselves by clicking here. I hope the directory works well.

Sophie had a sad moment today and hid in the coat closet. I couldn't resist the pout. Well, I can resist it as a father, but I thought it too good to go unrecorded.

On Tuesday I spent most of the day working on sermons and scheduling shutin visits. Now that the snow is on the ground and the temperature is below zero I have a few more to visit.

Stella is a little nanny-goat. She climbs everything. She climbs out of her crib. I heard Louisa shout, "Hey, Dad, get the camera!"

She held on to Stella so she couldn't make it over the top. The other side of that gate is the stairs to the basement. 14 or so stairs. The concrete slab basement is protected from children's heads by a carpet.

We'll keep an eye on her so she doesn't test how hard the floor is with her forehead.