Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grygla Visits

Grygla and north have been suffering the pestilence of this herd for more than 20 years. The elk were planted here by the DNR and soon they were destroying crops all over. They are not like deer. Deer will walk between the rows of corn or sunflowers. Elk just trample them down. They destroy lots of crops each year. But only recently have hunters been allowed to come in to curb the population.

About 20 years ago the DNR tried to cull the herd. They brought in several DNR agents. Not a single one of them knew how to hunt or properly gut and clean large game. They brought 1/4 ton pickups to haul them out. I guess they didn't know how big these animals are.

Here's a happy hunter who bagged one. He's not DNR. He knows how to hunt. He got a license through the state lottery for Elk licenses. Note the size of the rack on this bull. Try to fit that in the bed of a 1/4 ton pickup truck. Dressed out the bulls weigh around 600 or more pounds.

Yes, yes, shutin visits. Devotions today were based on Hebrews 1 and the incarnation of the Son of God. This is looking forward to celebrating the birth of the Son of God in human flesh.

Mildred and Oscar are doing well, but they'd like visitors. Oscar isn't going to be driving much this winter. He'll be keeping Mildred company more often.

Ernest and Cora seem to be doing fairly well. I worry about them in their house. They have a good friend who checks on them every day. But they have need of a lot of doctoring.

Hilda, Norris, and Marlene are doing ok. Hilda has had some ups and downs, but she keeps a good attitude. They let me copy these pictures of the elk. Norris has a field next to the DNR's elk habitat. Unlucky for him. This fall there were large areas of corn trampled down by the vermin.

I stopped by to see David S. but they were out and about somewhere.

Ernest L. was home and seems to be doing well. He's spent a lot of time down by where I grew up in Sioux Agency, Yellow Medicine Co. So we exchange news about that area.

Mary brought the girls to the hairdresser today. They came home in curls. Then she took the piano lesson kids to piano lessons. I forgot to have her check out the DVD "Perl Harbor." We were so rushed in the morning. It would be good to watch that this evening of the "Day of Infamy."

To all of you who served in our armed forces, you have my and my family's deepest appreciation, gratitude, and thanks. If it weren't for you and your comrades-in-arms we wouldn't have our freedom. God bless you.