Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Wednesday morning I worked on sermon prep for a while then some prep for Wednesday School.

Upper Level confirmation class, your assignment is to memorize and explain the parts of the Nicene Creed in the wording of the Hymnary. Then, read and study God's No and God's Yes, pages 41-50, ending at the top of page 50 with the words "plucks them out of the devil's kingdom."

The subject at hand is CFW Walther's Thesis IX.
"In the fifth place, the Word of God is not rightly divided when sinners who have been struck down and terrified by the Law are directed, not to the Word and the Sacraments, but to their own prayers and wrestlings with god in order that they may win their way into a state of grace; in other words, when they are told to keep on praying and struggling until they feel that God has received them into grace."

After Wed. School we saddled up and went Christmas Caroling in TRF.

Our adventure consisted of two vans of kids coming from Wed School and one van coming from Grygla. We met at Oakland Park nursing home and sang for Ruby, Evelyn, Gertrude, and Verner.

Tomorrow's my day to visit them with the regular shut-in visits.

Next we stopped at Marlow's while Tami drove to the CNC to get David unloaded there.

Dawn and I went to Marlow's with the kids we had. We almost didn't fit in at her apartment.
After Marlow's we went to the CNC and sang to Annie B and Mavis. The staff asked us to sing while we walked through the halls.

The kids thought that singing Jeg er saa glad would be good for some of the old Norskies in the home.

From there Tami took David home. Dawn took her van to Louella's and I took my load of kids to Adeline's. We met at Mickey D's dinner club for a snack before heading home. Thanks to Dawn, Jordan, Brooke, Amy, Shane, Todd, Tylor, Trisha, Matt, Jeremy, Tami, and David for a good evening caroling.