Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy Day!

Saturday morning began with worship, Saturday School, Confirmation, program practice and then Christmas Caroling with the Mt. Olive kids. Tylor, Tasha, Amanda, Chantelle, Ana, Katy, and Sylvia accompanied me to McIntosh Mannor to sing to Ray and about a dozen other residents.

Then we were off to Fosston and 1st Care to sing to Esther. We stopped at DQ afterward. The roads were very icy in the morning but the way home was ok. Sorry, I took my camera along but forgot to take photos.

In the afternoon I prepped for the evening.
We piled my mom and dad and all our kids into our van and went to St. Petri for their program. Now, I didn't take any picutres during the program.

Shane, Whitney, and Briley did an excellent job on the catichization. Whitney and Briley played their recorder/flutes for pre-service music.
I managed to get some photos of the post service mix while gifts and cards were being handed out. It was a nice mix of family, friends, and neighbors. The kids started playing around a bit in a nice way.
Stella was glad to find a christmas tree that was just her size. She made a big deal of exploring the whole church. She also made a pretty good job at finding all kinds of people to make faces at her after the service.

Whitney and Briley packed away the snacks afterward with Jeremy. We had a Christmas snack kind of supper after the catichization. My parents were able to renew acquaintences with some of the members and guests at St. Petri. There was way too much good stuff to eat.

Stella and Johnny can see when I have the camera out and generally make a bee-line straight to me to get their picture taken. Johnny was trapped behind a table, but Stella looked up and made tracks right away.

We got home fairly late, enjoyed some conversation with my parents and got ready for tomorrow.