Friday, December 15, 2006

Alyssa hospitalized today

Alyssa is the parish secretary, and she and her husband are expecting their third child. But not yet. Her husband, Quinten, called this morning and said she was in the hospital but that it wasn't an emergency. She would probably be released around 1:00.

Because she does her job here so well it's been a long time since I've had to do the photocopying and folding of all the bulletins and programs and calendars. When she's gone, I appreciate what how generous the parish is in paying her to do all this work. And I appreciate her for doing it.

Today I spent putting the final edits on each congregation's version of the Christmas program and copied, folded, and collated 500 sheets double sided and around 150 sheets single sided. This included 4 unique double-sided, eight-paged Christmas programs for each congregation; bulletins for Mt. Olive; Calendars for all 4 congregations; and Budget proposals for Mt. Olive. I'm out of paper now. I'll get some tomorrow, there should be some in Fosston.

After supper I went out for a drive to think my sermon through. Sometimes it works well that way. Tonight was one of those nights it worked well. But the roads iced up so I'm back in the office.

Now, I want to note that I am not complaining about the paper work today-not by any means. Alyssa has been having some problems with high blood pressure and headaches with this pregnancy at a stage where it is of serious concern. Please keep her, Quinten, the baby and their kids in your prayers.

My reason for writing about all the office stuff is to help my parishoners appreciate what the secretary does, as did Connie before her. It is a great help and allows me more time for visits, sermon prep, and other pastoral duties. Though, I do prefer folding paper to hitting deer any day.

Alyssa got home this afternoon and is doing well. Tomorrow is Oak Park's Sunday School Christmas Catechization practice. Alyssa is one of the teachers. She probably needs to rest and someone else may take over her part in the program prep.

In the end I want to thank the parish for providing a secretary and encourage the parish to thank her for her work.

Thanks, Alyssa, I hope you can rest up.