Monday, November 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

Saturday Mt Olive services, Saturday School, and Confirmation Class. Then home for dinner. After dinner another Confirmation Class.

I've had a couple of people ask me about this second Confirmation Class I hold on Saturday. Here's the deal. I do a private session with one family who are not yet members. It's instruction for the whole family, but especially for their eldest son. He has a form of high functioning autism. That means that he can communicate and reason clearly. The problem is that his mind is so blindingly fast that he's on 10 to 15 subjects all at the same time. He has no problem speaking about and thinking about all of them at the same time. He can keep them clear, but the rest of a class of kids his age can't keep up, and so it is difficult to keep a larger class on task. But it's not bad with him and his family together. And we're making great progress with the lessons.

Sat. eve I went to Grand Forks for an emergency hospital visit. Willy Good has pneumonia bad. Randy called me just before supper time, I took Matt with me.

Willy was possibly aware of us. One of Willy's family members was there. I read from the Psalms, prayed with Willy a prayer of confession. I read from the Gospel of John chapter 20. Matt and I sang "Away in a Manger." We prayed for Willy and I gave him the Aaronic Benediction. We visited for a short while. Then Matt and I went out for supper. We got home late.

Sunday, three services. I don't have the CDs ready for Naz, St. P. or Oak P. Sorry. I've been having a difficult time with a health issue related to my Celiac Disease that is causing quite a bit of pain. This started Friday morning and makes certain movements extremely painful.

Sunday evening I got a call that Mavis has pneumonia and would like me to visit. Monday sounded good to her.

Monday, I went to Grand Forks to see Willy. He's doing very poorly. Kelly, Brenda, and Yvonne were there. Yvonne spent the night. We had devotion with Willy. He's not responsive, but that doesn't mean that God's Word is ineffective. We prayed and read from Luke 2, Luke 26, and 28 about the Gift God gave to Willy and us in Christ, we prayed corporate confession and absolution, the Lord's Prayer. Yvonne and I sang "Children of the Heavenly Father" and I pronounced the benediction. Kelly, Brenda, Yvonne and I talked for a while. I left about noon. Willy died just after 1:00. Erling Johnson (the funeral home guy) called me that evening to let me know.