Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tsunami! er, well ...

At 11:14 Universal Time Clock today there was a eartquake measuring 8.2 in the Kuril Island region. I had no idea where this was, looked it up. It's the string of islands between the north of Japan and that big thumb of Russia which sticks down by Alaska.

Tsunami warnings were issued throughout the Pacific Ocean costal regions. Evacuations began. And, it is better to be warned and safe. The Christmas tsunami in the Indian ocean a couple of years ago taught that lesson fairly vividly.

But you can almost feel the dissapointment in the news articles when the tsunami didn't materialize. Here's from the Houston Chronicle:
[F]or several tense hours, communities along Hokkaido's northeastern shore braced for larger waves, with thousands fleeing the coastline for higher ground. Fishermen scrambled to secure their boats, police cars made rounds of deserted piers, and ad hoc evacuation centers were set up in schools and town halls.

Masayuki Kikuchi, a town official in Nemuro, in Hokkaido, said the city dispatched about 20 fire trucks and cars immediately after the tsunami alert to instruct coastal residents to evacuate to higher ground.

"There was no panic," Kikuchi said. "Residents made their way to high ground, just like they do in our annual tsunami drill."

A little later in the article:
The first wave was recorded at Nemuro port on Hokkaido hit about 45 minutes after the quake struck, but was estimated at only 16 inches.

The waves got progressively smaller, though the agency said one measuring 23 inches hit Tokachi port in south Hokkaido almost four hours after the quake. All tsunami alerts and watches were called off at 11:30 a.m. EST.

I'm pretty much land locked, but I have been to the Pacific Ocean several times. I'm not sure how one could measure a 16 inch tsunami. Most of the normal waves that come in when I've been to the Ocean are WAAAY bigger than that.

These photos are a series of shots of our kids with Joel and Kathy's kids at Ocean Shores last summer.

More work on the Christmas Program CD, sermon/hymn planning, Wednesday School, and an OP LYS meeting before supper.

Tomorrow I hope to finish Thief River visits. Friday, maybe Grygla?

Stay dry.