Sunday, November 12, 2006

Long Week- Sorry, Kristi

OK, sorry about not posting in a while. It really was a long, and quick week. I posted last Sunday and now a week has gone by. So, what I can remember I'll do.

First of all, Kristi, there is a photo of liver flukes at the end of this post. You may want to avoid looking at that one. I mention them here so you can avoid them, and because I found them last sunday evening when I was cutting up a deer liver.

Dean invited me over to get some sinew for my bows. Over at his dad's place (i brought the 4 older girls with) we watched Dean cut. The girls watched me cut. And the girls helped Dean wrap the meat. They thought that the shed smelled funny. "Well, you haven't done this before, girls. This is where meat really comes from." "We know dad. We just don't like how it smells when you're doing it."

A couple of years ago I brought the boys over to help butcher a lamb. They were kind of squeamish too. At least the girls didn't run off to play elsewhere. But then, they really couldn't. It was dark. The woods is alive with all kinds of critters around here. The big bad wolf lives here, as does "brother" bear, and the fierce cougar.

Yes, cougar. There are tracks just a mile north of where we were that evening.

Monday morning and Jeremy's first bus ride to school. Most parents take a photo like this at kindergarten or some early time. We did it now because, well, it is his first busride to school. What an event. All the kids were up to watch their big brother go. Everyone was watching for the bus out the dining room window. "Is that it?" "No, that's a car." "Is that it?" "No, that's a tractor." "Is that it?" ....

It was the same when he got home. All the little heads looking out the window waiting for their heroic brother to return. Finally he arrives and is battered with hundreds of questions from all.

Meanwhile, I had scraped one of my bow staves. Now to let it dry and do some others. I didn't get to the others.

By the way, when scraping bow staves it's a good idea to use a "sharp" knife. It's a better idea to use a "large" sharp knife. The cut on the knuckle of my left hand is nearly healed now. Short sharp blades make for accidents.

Tuesday I spent working on sermon planning and hymn selection. My celiac disease is acting up some more. We also have some kind of respiritory flu bug. The little ones have fevers. Mary and I have aches.

Wednesday I spent mostly in bed. I took a celebrex, got a migraine. I had a lot of pain from the rib and back, but it was hard to tell if I was coming down with the flu bug that the kids have. Alison took my wed school class for me. I am grateful to you, Alison. The migraine didn't really go away, but it was less intense by about 8pm.

Thursday I went to the chiropractor. I had thrown away the last of my celebrex. I'm not sure what's flu aches and what's due to my rib. But when I took a celebrex I got a migraine. The doc found the right joints to crack. AAAAHHHH. I still have the migraine fog in my head but at least I could spend the rest of the day working on sermon planning and hymn selection.

Friday my celiac disease was acting up again-or maybe it's the flu. Not able to do visits with this junk. I finished up my sermon for Sat/Sun.

Saturday my celiac disease was still acting up. I had church services, Sat school, and Confirmation class, but it was close. Mount Olive doesn't have indoor plumbing.

Meanwhile, at Oak Park, Alyssa was working with a bunch of volunteers to make blankets for project linus.

Their handiwork is very nice. I don't know half the people in this photo. I hope Aly can write up something for the local paper about it. Thank you to all the volunteers.

Celiac problems continued through the day. I wasn't able to do my second confirmation class.

Sunday (Today) I asked Wayne to lead the Office of Prime and read my sermon up at St. Petri. My gluten reaction was too strong to allow me to drive all the way to St. Petri. Thank you, Wayne.

I was able, with a few breaks, to hold services at Naz and OP. Later in the day my reaction wasn't as sever so I made up the confirmation class from saturday. The family gave us a kitten. They told me that I'd won a door prise. So the kitten, black with white splotches, is named Door Prise.

OK, Kristi, don't read any further. Liver flukes below.-------------
Also, anyone squeamish might not want to read.

For some readers this could be "Big gross factor" stuff.

This final picture is from a week ago sunday night. Over at Dean's dad's place, Dean had saved the deer's liver at my request. I wanted to try it. Well, as far as I know I'd never had it before, so, why not.

I got the liver out at home and washed it up. I noticed one of the lobes looked unhealthy. It had small parasites onthe bottom and was small and off color. The other two lobes looked great.

I cut off the bad lobe and threw it.

Now, as I cut through the main artery to separate the two larger good lobes a black crusty gunk washed out.

Then I saw my first ever giant Deer Liver fluke.

These lovely creatures are Fascioloides magna, the giant Deer Liver Fluke. I found three of these things. The ruler in the background is scaled in inches, yes, inches. Not those tiny little french centimeters, but good old American standards inches. And these specimens are not as large as these critters can get.

They were plenty big for me.

This fluke isn't dangerous to humans. But it's still gross to me. After photographing these, I scrapped the liver project and bleached my hands.

Yeah, I am a wuss about some things. Perhaps next time, now that I know what to expect, the gross factor won't be so bad for me.

But I know that if I find more in the next liver I won't find any one else in my household who would try eating the liver.

If I can get over the gross factor, maybe my kids will too?

Kristi will never eat liver at my house if she's read this.

Too bad, I can cook up a really nice beef liver dish.