Thursday, November 02, 2006

I go to see the doctor

OK, the night was bad, and unrestful. I don't go to the doctor very often. In fact, I've only been there when Mary's had a prenatal appointment or a baby to deliver. So I had to fill out the new patient paperwork.

Jeremy came with to get his MMR, Tet., and HepB boosters. The doctor checked me over and decided I should have X-rays. Back in his office after being irradiated he told me that I didn't have a tumor, I didn't have gall stones, and no broken ribs or cracks that he could see. However, I did have a pretty good bruise. He said this could take half a year to a year to heal up. "Take it easy." Yeah, OK. "Try this." What's this? "Celebrex, 6 days worth."

I have to say Celebrex works very well. And since the only serious side effects are massive heart attack and dropping dead, or severe internal hemmorage and bleeding to death, I'd say it's a pretty good trade off.

The photos are of the only restaurant in Fosston that I trust to cook gluten free. It was named the Coffee Cup Ranch, but recently it changed hands and I can't remember what the new name is. I took some photos that remind me of those bad photos in National Geographic. You know the ones where the people are blurry and the lighting looks like it's all golden and antique.

Anyway, the cook and the staff are very responsible about cleaning the grill and making sure there is no cross contamination. If you have Celiac Disease and are in Fosston, this is the place. Don't eat at Uncle Bob's or at Palubikis. Palubikis can't keep from cross contamination, and Uncle Bob's is just pathetic.

One Winkel we went to Uncle Bob's for dinner (that's noon in the midwest). I talked to the waitress and the cook, explained that I couldn't have bread or anything with food starch or anything else made with wheat, barley, rhy, or oats.

"If you're willing to keep it free of these things, I'll order, otherwise don't worry. I'll just sit with my friends." "No problem! We can do it." I ordered a steak and a baked potato.

The waitress brings it out with a bun sliced open on the steak. I said, "I'm sorry, I thought I explained, I can't eat this. I can't eat anything made of wheat."

"Oh," she said, "That's not wheat."

Every face at the table turned to look at her. Mouths open with an unspoken "Huh?"

I said, "Yes, bread is made of wheat, buns are made of wheat. That's what the flour comes from."

"I'll go check," she said.

A few minutes later she comes back. "You're right! The cook and I both checked. The flour lists wheat as its main ingredient."

One of the pastor's wives said, "This is why my children go to school in a differnt district."

Anyway, Uncle Bob's, no, not good for CD. But the restaurant formerly known as "the Coffe Cup Ranch" is good.

Also, Wed School was great today. The kids were all able to answer very well. I tested them by departing from the written questions in the book and asking them similar but different questions and how they could answer from Scripture. Very nicely done, all of you.

And yes, Celebrex is nice.