Thursday, November 30, 2006

Backstory-The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

I've a bit of backstory to give.

The weekend before Thanksgiving my parents came to visit. The kids were singing in church at Oak Park that weekend.

Dad tried to teach Stella, John, and Sophie how to play checkers. For the most part they did quite well.

Mom got involved in taking some pictures of Stella. But Stella wouldn't stand still.
It was fun to watch Mom try to focus on Stella. Stella was so interested in the camera, as soon as she saw Mom trying to take a picture she'd run right up to her Grandma and grab at the camera.

Some of those photos should prove fun.

Thank you very much for coming that weekend. We had a blast. And thank you for the birthday present. I've got it working. I'll have to practice a bit and set the blade true. But it is a very nice saw. Thank you.