Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Monday I took most of the day off. I did some work on sermon prep and Wed School, but I've got a growing severe pain in my ribs on my right side. Johnny jumped on me while I was lying down on the floor on my left side. My arm was up and BOOM he came down on my ribs. I think that was Sat. night. Can't remember for sure.

Tuesday I did quite a bit of office work, but my ribs are hurting more. I wonder if it's cracked or if Johnny knocked loose a gall stone or something.

Mary took the kids out tonight for trick-or-treats. On sunday I told Oak Park that we couldn't get to very many houses. "Do the math" I said, "7 kids with treats per house. Last year we filled a 50 gallon trash can and visited only 6 homes." While I appreciate the generosity of the people around here, do you realize how much of a sugar high 50 galons of candy cause?

Anyway, I played the hypocrite. When kids came to our house, I loaded them up with a bunch of candy too. Since we don't get a whole big number of trick-or-treaters we give a lot away at a time. I suppose this is what everyone else does.

And the kids are back. Guess what? Bucketfulls of candy. Mary had fun sorting: 5 lbs of mini snickers, 6 lbs of mini milkyway, 4 lbs of three muskateers, 2 lbs of mini butterfinger, wax lips, gooey toys, 7 snap on bracelets (those are kind of fun), 6 lbs of suckers..... well, the numbers are all made up, but it was a lot, you get the idea.

Sore ribs and a sugar high saying good night.